"It is a crime that this magazine is free. This is better laid out and better content than many of the paid magazines out there. There is no reason anyone who has an interest in magic on any level is not reading this. In this day of age of "everything comes with a price," this is unbelievable."

Bill Abbott

“I think it’s great! Definitely directed at the performing magician - which is a niche not covered by any other publication.”

Neal Scryer

"After reading vanish for the first time I committed myself that this will be the only magazine I need to read.This is a number one, extremely well produced magazine, and will be hard to top. I love it and it's about time we can read a class act magazine by a class act person. Congratulations, I rank this a TEN."




EDITOR - Paul Romhany

Paul Romhany started VANISH MAGIC MAGAZINE in 2012 with the aim of producing an international publication that focused on material that was relevant for todays performers.

Paul Romhany has been a full time magician for over 25 years and has appeared in over 100 countries. Originally from New Zealand he now resides with his family in Vancouver Canada.

He is author of over 24 books on magic and has invented and marketed two dozen magic tricks that are sold and performed by magicians around the world.

He continues to tour with his unique Charlie Chaplin Show and Corporate stand-up shows.


ATo produce a magazine that is unique, inovative, inspiring, interesting - and most of all relevant for todays magician.


BTo make it a truly international magic magazine.

VANISH is now downloaded in over 54 countries with contributors from around the world.


Chipper Lowell

After single-handedly inventing the internet, swimming the English Channel in under four years, and setting the world record for longest tap dance on the head of a pin, Chipper now spends his extremely valuable time performing his one-man show here and there around the world. Mostly there.

Nick Lewin

Contributing Editor

An award winning comedy magician from England--he now lives in Las Vegas. He has been performing magic full time for 42 years, and writing about it since his first book 'Sleight of Crime' was published in 1976. He performs a perfect double lift!

Jeff McBride

A leading performer and educator in magic. For over 30 years he's toured the world playing the worlds largest venues: casinos, theaters & festivals. He is the Creator of MCBRIDE'S MAGIC & MYSTERY SCHOOL; the worlds foremost magic school.


Bizzaro likes lasagna, special FX makeup and long walks on the beach. He lives in Las Vegas and is the creator of many fine magical things. To him, normal is just the setting on a dryer.

VANISH - to inspire and promote the art of magic.